All you need to know about Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR)/ Mixed Reality (MR)

Extended Reality (XR) is a term that covers Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The term refers to all real-life and virtual immersed environments.

Augmented Reality – An enhanced version of the physical world that is achieved through the use of digital visual elements. Pokémon Go is one of the originators of AR mobile games and has reached 500 million downloads in one year.

Mixed Reality – Known as a subcategory of Augmented Reality. As the physical environment around the user changes in response to his/her actions. Microsoft HoloLens 1 was launched in 2016 which is one of the earliest mixed reality devices.

Virtual Reality – A simulated experience that makes the user feel like they are immersed in the environment. It has been widely used in the gaming industry, for example, Sandbox VR, Playstation VR and Oculus Quest are the giants in the VR industry.

Augmented Reality


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